Anja S. Greer Conference on Mathematics and Technology

Conferences will take place June 23-28, 2024

Whether you are looking for dynamic new activities for math classes or a whole new approach to teaching, this professional opportunity is for you. For nearly four decades, the Anja S. Greer Conference on Mathematics and Technology has been the pre-eminent conference for secondary school mathematics teachers.

Every once in a while we all need an infusion of good ideas, inspiration, and joy in our subject and in our profession. I feel like I just got a shot of vitamin B12 that let me fall in love with teaching again!"

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Conference participants will experience a unique blend of courses, a featured speaker series, and 45-minute talks throughout the week. You will choose two weeklong courses from more than 30 offerings designed by established leaders in mathematics teaching.

Prior to beginning the registration process, please go to 2024 Courses to familiarize yourself with the course descriptions.

Courses include themes from middle school math, problem-based learning, data science, data analysis, creating a DEI unit, making math relevant, and math modeling. Each course has 10 hours of classroom time and is taught at a Harkness table to encourage discussion and collaboration. 

Evenings are devoted to social gatherings, mingling with participants from other conferences, and outings to local attractions.

2024 Courses

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Lauren Rosen, Conference manager

Kevin Bartkovich, Conference director

Who was Anja Greer?

Were it not for Anja S. Greer's influence and inspiration, there wouldn't be a Mathematics and Technology Conference today. After returning from a week-long conference on Pascal programming, Anja, a member of the mathematics department, decided that Exeter could host a similar conference. She enlisted the help of many others in and out of the mathematics department, and in the summer of 1985 the first Conference on Secondary School Mathematics and Computers at Phillips Exeter Academy was held. Subsequently the name of the conference was changed to the Conference on Secondary School Mathematics and Technology, as calculators made their appearance. To honor Anja's inspiration, vision and courage, the conference was renamed in the summer of 1997 to the Anja S. Greer Conference on Secondary School Mathematics and Technology. In April of 1998, Anja Greer lost her battle with cancer.

We are honored to continue her legacy.