See below for a quick overview of our departments.


Cutting-edge technology and innovation are linked to traditional studio processes. Courses in painting, drawing, photography, ceramics, printmaking, design, advanced portfolio and visual communication.

Experience the joy of reading Greek and Latin authors in the original. Learn Latin from Ludus and Greek from ΑΓΩΝ, textbooks written by members of the Classical Languages Department.

Re-examine your views on technology’s place in the modern world, re-evaluate the limitations of computers and reorganize your thinking to best combine the creativity of humans with the precision of computers.

Understand the fundamentals of economics in one term, or explore economic theory and models in-depth in specially designed microeconomics and macroeconomics courses.

You’ll gain self-knowledge and learn to communicate with clarity through thought-provoking discussions of poetry, fiction, drama and creative nonfiction.

Experiment and create. Choose from interdisciplinary courses that combine learning at the Harkness table with cocurricular and experiential learning. 

Our health education is about empowering you to engage in healthy lifestyles. You’ll learn in a respectful environment to examine your attitudes, and develop the skills for healthy decision-making.

You’ll learn critical reading, analytical writing and independent thinking skills — while expanding your worldview through an exploration of other eras, cultures and perspectives.

Make interdisciplinary connections using skills developed in various subjects. Explore your personal interests through field courses and special projects.

Imagine yourself at the board presenting solutions to problems and sharing your results as your classmates ask pertinent questions. Together the class learns to read, write, explore and communicate mathematics with confidence.

It’s a global world out there. As you learn to communicate in another language, you’ll expand your knowledge of other cultures and people. With a wealth of study-abroad opportunities available to Exonians, the world is at your fingertips.

Whether your vibe is classical, jazz, a cappella, rock, African drumming, musical theater or world music, we’ve got it. Take classes, private lessons and perform in over 35 ensembles.

Stay healthy and fit with our flexible program. Compete on a team, enjoy our state-of-the-art fitness room, take courses in pilates, yoga and more. We focus on cooperative effort and fair play.

Discover your best self in relation to others as you ask essential questions, investigate ethics and morality, study world religions, and contemplate what it means to be human in a changing world.

We offer a variety of opportunities to engage with the world around you — in the classroom, laboratory and field. You'll learn science by doing it; by exploring and measuring, and then analyzing and interpreting at the Harkness table.

Find your voice, your movement, yourself. Opportunities for all levels in acting and dance, stagecraft, puppetry, playwriting, speechwriting and more. Join one of many clubs to explore even further.