Dorm Life

Make yourself at home.

At Exeter, your dorm is your home base from day one. It’s where you make your first friends as a new student, and where, over the years, younger students look to you for help, guidance and friendship. Students typically stay in the same dorm from year to year, making it easy to establish strong relationships with your peers and the network of adult advisers who know you best.

Our residential approach is central to building inclusive community. You’ll meet people you never would otherwise — students who come from around the globe to live and learn at Exeter. Day students are associated with a dorm and fully participate in its activities. 

All of our dorms are places of pride, each with its own character. Your dorm will become your home away from home, providing memories and friendships for life.

I was looking for a home away from home and that’s definitely what I’ve experienced here."