Dining at Exeter


​Great Flavor, Healthy Impact

You’ll enjoy authentic recipes from around the world and traditional classics at our two dining halls. With more than 5,000 recipes in regular rotation, it’s hard to get bored. At dinner, you might find spicy tofu fajitas, grilled steak tips, fettuccine alfredo, palak paneer or quinoa with dried fruit and beans. Breakfast and lunch provide similarly varied selections.

We prepare healthy food for all appetites, including vegetarian, vegan, low-fat, plant-based and gluten-free options. Snacks are always available between meals.

Philosophies and Methods

Food at Exeter isn’t just about what tastes good (though it does!) our dining options and experiences are the result of thoughtful frameworks. Exeter participates in Menus of Change, a collaborative group which researches and leads best practices and outcomes for the foodservice industry. Their 24 Menus of Change Principles provide guidance on issues of health, sustainability, and food ethics.


Recipes developed by our chefs, with new dishes added regularly.

Feels Like Home

Our dining halls have Wi-Fi and are open daily from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Students often come for a meal and stay for hours, working on assignments or talking with friends.

We host special events year round, including campus-wide cookouts, holiday meals, pancakes with the Principal and the annual Winterfest with live music played by students, faculty and staff.

We listen to students, and frequently develop new dishes based on their ideas and reviews.


of dining staff receive training in food allergens – from chefs to dishwashers.

Reducing our Food Footprint

We’re always looking for ways to reduce environmental impact.

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Healthy and Enjoyable Eating

Our menus provide great variety and flavor, with a focus on healthy eating. 

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