An Exonian athlete grimaces with effort as she takes the lead at the hurdles.

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Athletic Facilities

The new Thompson Field House adds to expansive facilities for workouts, training, competition and club sports. Read more about our athletic facilities.

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We are excited to share our spring interscholastic schedule. This schedule is subject to change. Visit this page for the latest updates.

Please note: While we miss Big Red Nation cheering us on in the stands, only spectators currently enrolled in the Academy's testing protocol are permitted. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we prioritize everyone's health and safety.

Athletics Schedule

04/14/20212:00pmTennis Girls A VPingree SchoolAwaywin symbol5-4expand arrow
04/14/20212:30pmLacrosse Girls JVPingree SchoolAwaywin symbol12-6
04/14/20212:30pmLacrosse Girls VPingree SchoolAwaywin symbol14-5expand arrow
04/14/20212:30pmSoftball VPingree SchoolAwayCancelled
04/14/20212:30pmTennis Girls JVPingree SchoolAwaywin symbol6-0
04/14/20213:00pmGolf VAndover/Belmont HillAwaywin symbolResults belowexpand arrow
04/14/20213:30pmBaseball JVPingree SchoolAwaywin symbol12-0
04/14/20213:45pmBaseball VPingree SchoolHomewin symbol6-4
04/14/20213:45pmLacrosse Boys JVPingree SchoolHomewin symbol8-3
04/14/20213:45pmLacrosse Boys VPingree SchoolHomewin symbol6-2
04/14/20213:45pmTennis Boys A VPingree SchoolHomewin symbol7-2
04/14/20213:45pmTennis Boys JVPingree SchoolHomewin symbol7-0
04/16/20216:00pmLacrosse Girls VDexter SchoolHome
04/17/20211:00pmLacrosse Girls JVGovernors AcademyHome
04/17/20212:00pmTennis Girls A VWinsor SchoolHome
04/17/20213:00pmBaseball VBridgton AcademyHome
04/17/20213:00pmLacrosse Boys JVBelmont Hill SchoolHome
04/17/20213:00pmLacrosse Boys VBridgton AcademyHome
04/17/20213:00pmLacrosse Girls VWinsor SchoolAway
04/17/20213:00pmSoftball VWinsor SchoolAway
04/17/20213:30pmVolleyball Boys VAndover (DH)Away