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Zumba 101

English Instructor (and certified Zumba teacher) Courtney Marshall puts Exeter Summer students through the paces Monday morning from the Academy Building steps.

Ana Casey
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Exeter People

"That's what pushed me into the movement, seeing how much [violence] affects everyone in a community."

Ana ’22

The 'new' guy

Russell Weatherspoon P’92, ‘95, ‘97, ‘01 officially began his 35th year at the Academy on Thursday in a new role: a two-year term as dean of students.


107 years young

Our beloved Hill Bridge is undergoing a facelift as summer construction projects begin around campus.

Carlos Jones

Starting from STEM

Math and science brought Carlos to Exeter. He devoured the STEM offerings, while also discovering the joys of photography and being a DJ at Exeter’s radio station, WPEA.

Ease the Roads image

Premiere of 'Ease the Roads'

Watch composer Tanner Porter’s new work performed by Exeter’s Concert Choir and Chamber Orchestra. “Ease the Roads” was commissioned to celebrate 50 years of coeducation. See the program.

Good Company
Exeter People

“You do a lot of self-reflection here. ... That leads you to really find yourself.”

Exeter People

“It was a lot of hard work, but [what] made it worth it was the people who ... said, 'Wow, that really had a profound impact on me.'”