Preschool Program


Our Preschool program is located on the south side of the building and opens up to the Prekindergarten Program. Our multi-sensorial environment is designed to provoke open-ended experiences, encourage communication of ideas and facilitate in individual and group exploration. Our classroom space is welcoming, personal and multifaceted. It is designed to evoke interest and provide space for extended investigations.

Common areas have been incorporated into the design of the building. These shared spaces include a Multipurpose Room for gross motor activity and a spacious lobby that also serves as a library.



By combining knowledge and goodness, the preschool curriculum allows for the children to acquire intellectual skills that ensure a love of learning and a lifelong commitment to helping others.  


Preschool Class

16 Children

8/1 Preschooler to Teacher Ratio

Our Program

In Preschool, learning takes place throughout the day and consists of a well-rounded curriculum, educating through the arts and sciences that supports the whole child. Children will learn social graces and common courtesy, practice early literacy and every day math skills and delve into the worlds of science, social studies and fine arts.