Infant & Toddler Programs


Our infant and toddler classrooms are located on the north side of the building.  This section of the facility mimics that of the home providing small social settings within an emotionally supportive atmosphere.  Our classrooms open up to one another inviting children to play and learn with a variety of different people and personalities.  We recognize the importance of supporting and nourishing the sensory perceptions of all children and provide a multi-sensorial environment where children can investigate and discover using their whole body.

Routine vs Schedule

Routines are important for our youngest learners as predictability and consistency help them feel a sense of security as they begin to better organize themselves.  We feel that routines, unlike schedules, are flexible enough to allow for children and caregivers to capitalize on teachable moments that may occur throughout the day. 

Collaborative Care Giving

The teachers work in collaboration with one another sharing their expertise in early childhood education and supporting one another.  Infants and young toddlers will be assigned a guardian who will serve as your family's primary contact person, oversee and record your child's development and relay any pertinent information.  All teachers play a role in your child's day to day activities.


Infant Class

9 Children

3/1 Infant to Teacher Ratio


Lower Toddler Class

11 Children

4/1 Toddler to Teacher Ratio


Upper Toddler Class

7 Children 

4/1 Toddler to Teacher Ratio