Sexual Misconduct Reporting and Resources

There is no higher priority for the Academy than to provide a safe and inclusive environment for all of our students, one that is free of sexual abuse and harassment in all its forms.

We have been committed to understanding our past failures in the prevention and response to sexual misconduct, and have worked diligently to provide a comprehensive sexual misconduct prevention program, and responsive policies to ensure they reflect the highest possible standard of care. Over the last five years, we have implemented new training and programming to prevent sexual misconduct and clear policies and procedures to respond to reports of misconduct when they occur. We have sought help from survivors to help us strive to provide better, more trauma-informed support for survivors that avoids, to the extent possible, painful and traumatic secondary harm.

Our approach focuses on sustaining and strengthening a culture infused with principles such as empathy, non sibi (not for one’s self), respect, and inclusion. We educate all community members — adults and students — about healthy relationships and boundaries, and seek to empower those harmed as well as any bystanders to come forward if misconduct occurs, without fear of retaliation or additional harm.

Sexual misconduct resources


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