Kindergarten Prep Program

The Kindergarten Prep Classroom (also known as Pre-Kindergarten) is located on the South side of the building and has been expertly designed to accommodate children in an academic setting which models the Harkness teaching of the Academy. Harkness teaching allows children to think, discuss, question and analyze. By combining knowledge and goodness, we acquire intellectual skills that ensure a love of learning and a lifelong commitment to helping others.


Harkness way

The Harkness way of learning is implemented through our emergent curriculum. This project-based approach is deeply rooted in the arts and sciences, and allows topics of focus to emerge from the ideas and interests of the children rather than the teacher. The teacher's role is that of a researcher, facilitator, and partner in learning.

Opportunities to learn

The Kindergarten Prep program promotes opportunities to learn, use and enjoy necessary math, language arts, science skills. While exploring these skills children will also be working on social and emotional skills by continuing to learn about sense of self and family, awareness of their role within the community, respect and appreciation of differences, and their impact on society.  

The Arts

Children will have the chance to expand their artistic intelligence in visual arts, music, and drama. The arts are woven into all areas of our curriculum as well as studied independently. We encourage self-expression by placing great emphasis on the creative process rather than the product.


Kindergarten Prep

18 children

9/1 Student to Teacher Ratio