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Rhythm and redemption 

Soulful lyricist John Forté's '93 tour from early fame to prison, and finding new motivation in fatherhood.

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55 Years of A.L.E.S 

Alumni across generations gather to celebrate the enduring impact of the Afro-Latinx Exonian Society.  

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Inside the Writing Life


The Exeter Bulletin

Science in motion

Memorial Minute

Frank Trafton Gutmann '52

George Albert Wentworth Professor in Mathematics and Chair of the Department of Mathematics, Emeritus

From Frank’s early days as a student to his retirement days living in Exeter, his heart and soul were with the Academy. Of his very many contributions to the school, two areas stand out: Math and Crew. An Academy graduate in 1952, he won first prize in the Advanced Math competition and, with his crew teammates, traveled to Helsinki, Finland to compete in the Olympic Trials.

After degrees from Amherst, Yale and Bowdoin, Frank returned to Exeter in 1959, serving as dorm head and leading the Math Department from 1987-1991. In a letter appointing Frank as the George Albert Wentworth Professor of Mathematics, Principal Kendra O’Donnell cited his “patience with novices, whether on the Squamscott or in the classroom or-most remarkable of all-in the labyrinthine negotiations of committee work.” As chairman of the Budget Review Committee, Frank brought level-headedness to discussions and fair recognition to all points of view. The same could be said for his committee work on Faculty Affairs, Advanced Placement and Health Policy. Frank also served as Director of Student Activities and as the Financial Advisor to the Exonian. In every one of these varied roles, Frank’s graciousness shone through. Colleagues have described him as a gentleman and a gentle man – modest, sincere, thorough and honest.

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