Fall 2022

Stepping-off places

John Irving '61 opens up about his latest novel, his maritime tattoo and his tribute to an Exonian war hero.

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New Hall Dorm taken from above.

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Welcome to New Hall

A group of people around a Harkness table.

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Living and learning

A mother, father and two sons

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Faculty in residence

An old photo of the outside of a building

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Abbot Hall

Around the Table

Outward Bound

Paddleboard for credit? Sign me up! This fall, the Physical Education and Athletics Department rolled out a new course, PEC150: Outdoor Challenge, in which students canoe, hike, cycle and, yes, paddle, their way through the term. The experiential curriculum — which takes advantage of Exeter’s nearby natural wonders including the Academy Woodlands and the Squamscott River — also teaches camping skills, outdoor survival and, of course, how to have good old-fashioned fun. “Students come to class with all the burdens of the day and leave rejuvenated,” says Physical Education and Athletics Instructor Kerry McBrearty. “It’s amazing what nature can do.”


Male athletes in uniform, walking over a bridge

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A winning culture

Finis Origine Pendet

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