Winter Track - Boys V/JV

A new era of winter track has begun with the recently opened William Boyce Thompson Field House that opened in January 2018. This state-of-the-art facility provides year-round, highly advanced training facilities for track and field teams, including a 200-meter, six-lane track oval and NCAA-regulation areas for shot put, high jump, long jump, triple jump and pole vault. The boys track team is no stranger to success as they compete in a rigorous schedule throughout the winter, with some advancing to regional and national competitions.


There are no upcoming events in our system.
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Zou, Felix2022Shenzhen 518057, P.R.CHINA
Adeyemi, Jordan2024Duluth, GA
Aguilar, Ethan2022West Chapel, FL
Akhtar, Ayaan2024Chicago, IL
Akunyili, Dubem2024Clarksburg, MD
Ambrogi, Jack2022North Hampton, NH
Andrews, Keanen2023Dallas, GA
Archer, Jack2022Brighton, VIC 3186, AUSTRALIA
Bango, Mateo2023Sharon, VT
Bedwick, Rex2024Hong Kong, HONG KONG
Bethel, Jaden2022Deer Park, NY
Bloom, Carson2022Kalispell, MT
Burks, Justin2022Tampa, FL
Chan, Toby2022Hamden, CT
Chang, Colbert2024Houston, TX
Chen, Connor2021Tiburon, CA
Chen, Nicholas2022Taipei 111, TAIWAN
Chen, David2023Duluth, MN
Chen, Jonny2024San Jose, CA
Chinburg, Luke2022Exeter, NH
Choi, Hojun2021Peachtree City, GA
Chun, Trevor2022Miami, FL
Connelly, Mateo2023Chester, NH
Cordle, Chaz2022Atlanta, GA
Cordoba, Dilan2022Glen Cove, NY
Courchesne, Malcolm2024East Kingston, NH
Driscoll, Ethan2023West Newbury, MA
Falivena, Charles2022Forest Hills, NY
Gaudreau, Mason2023Exeter, NH
Getman, Johnny2024Portsmouth, NH
Giampa, Jackson2023Hampton, NH
Goodall, David2024Coatesville, PA
Gorman, Harry2022Exeter, NH
Grevious, Byron2024Southport, CT
Hall, Christian2021New London, NH
Horrigan, Phil2021Washington, DC
Johnson, Morgan2021Calabasas, CA
Kermath, Alex2022Barrington, IL
Lai, JaQ2021The Peak, Hong Kong, HONG KONG
Lawrence, Warren2023Victoria, TX
Lee, Noah2021Mountain Village, CO
Li, Maxwell2023Shanghai 201208, P.R.CHINA
Lilly, Jack2021Exeter, NH
Lumala, Tendo2023Sammamish, WA
Malone, Devin2021Memphis, TN
Maloney, Colin2024Augusta, ME
Mancini, David2021Beaconsfield, QC CANADA
Mikofsky, Croix2021Troy, NY
Miles, Temple2024Chevy Chase, MD
Molina, Cristian2021Colorado Springs, CO
Morris, Will2022Newburyport, MA
Mukama, Louis2021Chicago, IL
Nguyen, Ryan2021Singapore 257635, SINGAPORE
Nistane, Arya2022Edison, NJ
Nomula, Advay2024Dover, NH
Nystedt, Erik2022Greenwich, CT
Oberai, Varun2021Singapore 787073, SINGAPORE
Obukhanich, Eric2022Moscow 121354, RUSSIA
Olazabal, Aidan2024Mclean, VA
Paik, Garrett2022New York, NY
Popik, Michael2022Exeter, NH
Rayner, Marco2021Palo Alto, CA
Rebeil, Sebastian2023Exeter, NH
Rolph, Colin2021Westmount, QC CANADA
Sam, Yoeku2024Quincy, MA
Schroeder, Caden2022Durham, NH
Seidel, Tommy2022Newburyport, MA
Sethi, Yuvy2021Great Falls, VA
Seymour, Parker2024Newburyport, MA
Shetreet, Diego2024York, ME
Silvestri, Aiden2022Newtown, PA
Smith, Drew2021Jonesboro, GA
St. Laurent, Bradley2022Auburn, NH
Swett, Jeremiah2021Exeter, NH
Tazawa-Goodchild, Kevin2023Exeter, NH
Thurber, Sava2022Exeter, NH
Ting, Aidan2024La Jolla, CA
Treehan, Kevin2024Chino Hills, CA
Tronnes, Finn2024Kansas City, MO
Wadivkar, Aavik2024Houston, TX
Weber, William2024Rye, NY
Wu, Greg2022Wellesley, MA
Wu, Clark2023New York, NY
Yun, Jaden2023Leesburg, VA

Coach: Hilary Hall

Assistant Coaches: Toyin Augustus, Ron Edmiston, Steve Holmes, Josh Peterson, Brandon Newbould, Mustafa Abdur-Rahim

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