July 5 – Aug 7, 2021

ACCESS EXETER is for students who have completed grades 7 or 8 and will be 13 years old before September 1, 2021. As an ACCESS EXETER student, you choose from eleven academic clusters each containing three courses that are specifically grouped together to enhance the cluster theme. 

Students may, for a fee, enroll in private music lessons, the SSAT Prep course, or replace the two sessions of sports with Exeter Crew Club, Exeter Soccer Club, or Exeter Volleyball Club.

We invite you to discover more about the ACCESS EXETER On-Campus program in the information below.

Application, Tuition, Extracurricular Courses and more
How to Apply

The application for Exeter Summer is online. We have rolling admissions and typically begin accepting students in early January. Find all the details at How to Apply to Exeter Summer.

2021 Tuition

The 2021 ACCESS EXETER On-Campus tuition is broken down below:

Boarding Students: $9,170 
   - includes: 
          - three academic courses
          - room and board
          - PE classes from general offerings

Day Students: $6,080
     - includes:
          - three academic classes
          - meals while on campus
          - PE classes from general offerings (optional)

Optional Extracurricular Offerings:

Academic Approach® SSAT Prep [Live] Online Course: $795

Exeter Crew Club: $995

Exeter Soccer Club: $895

Exeter Volleyball Club: $895

Private Music Lessons:
   - Full Lesson (five 50-minute lessons): $390
  -  Half Lesson (five 25-minute lessons): $235

Adding the SSAT Prep Course

Students may elect this optional course in addition to their academic classes for an extra fee. The SSAT Prep online course is administered by Academic Approach®.  Refer to the ACCESS EXETER Course Catalog for more details.

Financial Aid Information

Exeter Summer has limited financial aid available to domestic students who have demonstrated need. Being a candidate for financial aid places a student in a more competitive situation for admission. Refer to Exeter Summer Financial Aid for more details.

Exeter Summer Online Program

Exeter Summer offers an online program as an alternative to the on-campus program. Refer to Exeter Summer Online Programs for more details.

Summer Community

Student life at Exeter Summer extends from the Harkness table to the dining hall and the playing fields. 

Go to the page titled Summer Community

Summer Athletics

Physical education, an important component of Exeter Summer, promotes fitness, cooperation, sportsmanship and the learning of new skills. 

Go to the page titled Summer Athletics

Summer Music

We encourage students to bring their musical instruments and to join one or more of the vocal or instrumental groups.

Go to the page titled Summer Music

More to Explore

Each student is respectful of one another’s dialog and opinions and they collaborate together in order to learn.
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