Lion Card FAQs

What is a Lion Card?

The Lion Card is a multipurpose identification, dorm access, library and debit account card which serves as the official ID card of Phillips Exeter Academy. Students must keep this card available at all times when using it for purchases. Please keep in mind that falsifying, altering or misusing your own or anyone else’s Lion Card in any way is strictly prohibited and illegal.

When will I receive the Lion Card?

New students receive their Lion Card at registration in the fall. Returning students keep the same card year to year.

Where can I use my Lion Card for purchases?

Your Lion card may be used within the Academy campus for purchases. Some popular locations include the Bookstore, Grill and Students Activities Office, where bus tickets are purchased.

How can funds be added to the Lion Card?

Funds can be added using our convenient and secure electronic billing and payment system. Once logged in:

  • Click the tab at the top that says “Make Payment.”
  • At current Account Balance you will then enter the amount in the box to the far right that you wish to add to the Lion Card Account, click ContinueFunds added will display as a negative balance, (i.e., -$700) and will show as a $0 balance when the funds are depleted.
  • Choose the Payment Method you want to pay with at the drop down, click Continue.
  • Enter your banking or credit card information, and save for future use if desired.
  • Click Continue.

If you do not wish to pay online, we can accommodate the addition of funds via check or via Flywire, but please be aware it may take several days for a credit to appear on your student's account.

To verify funds have been received and credited, please view your online account.

How can I see activity and remaining balance?

Activity may be viewed using our electronic billing and payment system. Upon logging in, select Lion Card from the drop down menu, click go. The current balance will display along with the option for clicking and viewing recent account activity. Please note: If a parent wishes their student to have access to view this information, they must authorize the student through the authorized users tab at the top of the screen.

Can I make a cash withdrawal from my Lion Card?

No, your Lion Card is not an ATM card. You do not have the ability to withdraw cash from it. However an ATM machine is located at the Jeremiah Smith building for cash withdrawals using a bank ATM card.

Can I charge things home to my parents with this Card?

No, your Lion Card functions as a debit card and must have funds prepaid into the account in order to use for purchases.

What procedure should be followed if the Lion Card is lost?

Please contact the Campus Safety Office at extension 4444 immediately so they can inactivate your card. A replacement card can be purchased at the Campus Safety Office which is located in the building behind the Gym Complex.

What happens to any remaining balance on the card?

At the end of the academic year, any remaining balance will be rolled over to the next academic year. After graduation, a 100% refund on any balance over $10 will be refunded using the original method of payment used. Any cash payments will be refunded by check. Exeter Summer accounts will be refunded after the close of the session.