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Picture of Dana G. Barbin

Dana G. Barbin

Instructor in Physical Education
Kevin Bartkovich

Kevin G. Bartkovich

Instructor in Mathematics
Jason Baseden

Jason A. Baseden

Director of Athletics and Physical Education
Headshot of Eric Bergofsky

Eric S. Bergofsky

Instructor in Mathematics
John Blackwell

John A. Blackwell

Instructor in Science
Director of the Grainger Observatory

Erin E. Bradley

Advance Practice Provider
Dale Braile

Dale Ellen Braile

Instructor in Mathematics
Stephanie Bramlett

Stephanie S. Bramlett

Director of Equity and Inclusion
Joshua Breault

Joshua D. Breault

Instructor in History
Christina Breen

Christina D. Breen

Instructor in English
Associate Dean of Student Life
Jason BreMiller

Jason M. Bremiller

Instructor in English
The Phillips Exeter Academy seal

Colleen C. Brodsky

Instructor in Computer Science
Katie Brule

Katie A. Brule

Teaching Intern
Patricia Burke Hickey

Patricia M. Burke Hickey

Instructor in English