Each year we admit into the senior class students who have completed 11th grade in another school and postgraduates who have already earned a high school diploma. Approximately 15 percent of the senior class is new to Exeter each fall, and the majority of our one-year seniors are postgraduates.

Postgraduates typically seek to strengthen their academic career with an additional year of solid academic success before attending college. We generally expect applications from students who are achieving A and B grades in a strong academic program during their later years of high school.

Our postgraduate program is also appropriate for students graduating from high school at a young age who do not wish to enter college directly. 

We look for students who have achieved considerable success in extracurricular activities. We believe these experiences help postgraduates make a quick transition into our community and contribute effectively to it.

One-year seniors take five courses in each of the three terms and engage fully in the life of the school. They work closely with Exeter’s college counselors as they make college decisions.  In June, they receive an Exeter diploma.

Diploma Requirements

Learn more about requirements for postgraduates in our Courses of Instruction booklet.

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