Library Circulation Policies

Library Materials

  • Books, music CDs and recorded books check out for four weeks and may be renewed by phone, e-mail or by logging into your library account (https://phillipsexeterlibrary.on.worldcat.org/myaccount).
  • Movies and magazines check out for one week.

  • Reference books may be checked out overnight.

  • Most reserve materials must be used in the library during the day. Some reserves may be checked out of the library after 7:00 p.m., but they must be returned by 9:00 a.m. the following day.

  • It is possible to borrow materials from other libraries through interlibrary loan.

  • Replacement costs are charged for lost and damaged material.

Circulating Equipment

Please ask a librarian for information about borrowing the following equipment:

  • Digital cameras

  • IPad projection cables

  • Digital videocamera

  • Personal CD player

  • Headphones

  • Graphing calculators

  • Cell Phone/Device charging cables


2 network printers allow the Academy community to print from the uPrint system. These Multi-Function Printers, located on the Ground Floor and the Main Floor, are also able to photocopy and scan documents. The MFP printer on the Main Floor of the Library allows for color printing and scanning.


  • Drinks in cups with covers are allowed.

  • Food is not allowed beyond the ground floor.

Gifts / Donations

The library accepts gift items with the donor’s understanding that:

  • Gift materials will be evaluated by librarians in their respective subject areas. Only materials the librarians determine to meet the library’s “selection criteria” will be added to the collection.

  • Gift materials added are not guaranteed to be retained indefinitely

  • Gift materials become property of the library, and their use is at the librarians’ discretion

  • Gift materials not added to the collections will not be returned to the donor

  • Gift materials added to the collection will be given a special bookplate honoring the donor, unless the donor wishes to remain anonymous.

Inter-Library Loan

Materials requested that are either too specialized or not appropriate for the circulating collection may be borrowed from other institutions through Interlibrary Loan. 

  • All requests should be made using the ILL form.

  • You may request up to 5 books. Once those are returned, you may request more.

  • There is no limit to the number of articles you may request. Please be reasonable.

  • Requested books may take up to 3 weeks to arrive.

  • You will be notified by email once an item arrives.

  • ILL items are picked-up and returned to the Circulation Desk.

  • You are responsible to adhering to the due date set by the lending library.

  • Mrs. Walker (klennonwalker@exeter.edu) can answer questions about ILL.

Challenged Materials

The library’s mission supports intellectual freedom. The library is guided by the principles outlined in the “Freedom to Read Statement” and “Library Bill of Rights” put forth by the American Library Association. Questions or concerns regarding materials in the collection may be addressed to the Academy Librarian. 

Group Study Room Use Policies

How to book a group study room
  • You don’t. Group study rooms are non-bookable, freely available spaces for groups to use on a first come first serve basis.

  • Use the sign-up sheet on the group study room door so we can keep track of the rooms’ use

Who can use a group study room
  • Study rooms are for current PEA student use only.

  • Three students constitute a group.

  • Only one group of no more than 6 can occupy a study room at a time.

  • An individual may not hold the group study room while waiting for the arrival of others in the group.

  • Study room privacy is not guaranteed.

  • Library staff may enter a group study room at any time without prior permission of the occupants.

  • Any obstruction of windows is prohibited.

  • Students may not post signs (e.g. Occupied, Do Not Disturb, Keep Out, etc.)

  • Students must conform to the room's policy and the Library’s policy.

  • Disruptive behavior to others is prohibited.

  • Noise levels from any conversations and/or equipment must not disturb others outside the room.

  • No food. Drinks must be in covered containers.

  • Students are prohibited from using any equipment that may cause a safety hazard (e.g. extended electrical cords, cables, etc.)

  • Furniture cannot be moved into or out of a study room

Personal Property
  • Neither the Library nor the school is responsible for unattended, lost, stolen, or damaged personal items.

  • Unattended personal property may not be used to "hold" a room by any individual or group.

  • Unattended personal property left in an unoccupied study room maybe removed by library staff and taken to the Library's lost found (located at the desk)