Our commitment to justice

Letter to the Exeter community from Principal Rawson sent after a jury found Derek Chauvin guilty of the murder of George Floyd.

August 1, 2021
Spring blossoms on Exeter's campus

Dear Colleagues and Students,

Yesterday a jury found Derek Chauvin guilty of the murder of George Floyd. Let us see this as a hopeful moment, one that strengthens our resolve to do all we can, as a school and as individuals, to combat anti-Black violence, racism and injustice, wherever it occurs. But let us also recognize that this moment is only one step on a long journey for our nation toward becoming the just society that we want to be. 

Let us also take this as an opportunity to renew our commitment to do the work we must do at Exeter to realize our vision for equity and inclusion and to becoming an anti-racist school. I am grateful for the ongoing efforts of everyone on campus to work toward meeting our DEI vision, an important part of which has been our Thursday anti-racist programming throughout the school year. Tomorrow's sessions will include opportunities to learn more about the trial and what it represents, reflect on the past few weeks in discussion groups, and support each other in community. The offerings also include OMA Office Hours, a walk and talk, a white anti-racist student discussion, and a writing reflection activity. The full list of options can be found here: https://canvas.exeter.edu/courses/14622/assignments/219918.

Finally, please be mindful of the resources for support and self-care outlined in Dr. Bramlett’s letter yesterday. As she said, taking care of each other at this time reminds us of our shared values, affirms our commitment to fighting racial injustice, and affirms the strength of the Exeter community. 

Thank you,

William K. Rawson ’71; P’08