Internships and Fellowships

Curricular Global Programs

We help place students in a variety of internships and fellowships, from field research in biology to social media marketing to finance.

Introduction to Clinical Medicine
A woman receiving an eye exam.

Working with a retinal surgeon, the intern will learn to perform an initial evaluation of a patient by taking a history of present illness, past medical history, past surgical history, and medication list; obtaining vital signs; conducting diagnostic testing; and presenting the patient to the attending doctor. This experience will give the intern an understanding of direct patient care as well as what it means to work in the medical field today. The first two weeks will consist of training, and the intern will be provided reading related to retinal diseases they will be seeing in the office. The intern will then be evaluated for competency using mock patients. If the intern passes the competency tests, they will be given the opportunity to perform an initial evaluation of real patients under supervision. 

Summer break (in-person in Pasadena, California).

Veterinary Medicine
A woman in medical scrubs and a dog.

BEEVET Animal Hospital is a five-doctor, small animal and exotics veterinary practice that focuses on high-quality, gold-standard medicine and surgery. BEEVET's summer externship program will provide exposure to the field of veterinary medicine under the supervision of mentor Dr. Jackie Chow ‘96. The experience will include, but is not limited to, exposure to routine and advanced soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, dentistry, dermatology, cardiology, internal medicine, ophthalmology, neurology, exotics medicine and general wellness. This program will include a minimum of 1-2 days per week of compensated hourly work as a Veterinary Technician Assistant in addition to 1-2 days per week of uncompensated shadowing experience. Dr. Chow has a great deal of experience incorporating high school, college and veterinary students into her practice.

Summer break (in-person in Austin, Texas).

Public Policy and Development
A white electric guitar in an empty room

Normal Next is a network of seasoned executives, entrepreneurs and young leaders from diverse backgrounds dedicated to helping the world thrive amidst profound economic, social and environmental turbulence. The interns will work as part of a team on real-world projects with our partners, including ongoing development work of the Jacksonville Area Music Museum and our C/Corps program that equips young adults to work in teams with public leaders to address complex problems by radically accelerating learning. Each week, interns will be given a set of challenges to complete, including research for C/Corps opportunities, interviews for the music museum, cataloging content, website development, further developing a project on intergenerational support, and other opportunities as they emerge. This internship will involve a great deal of group and independent work with regular weekly feedback sessions from a variety of stakeholders.

Summer break (remote, with a possibility of in-person work if residing in Jacksonville, Florida, or Cleveland, Ohio).

Social Media Marketing
A smiling woman with her elbow on her knee and chin in hand.

Dr. Shelly Bhowmik ’03 is the founder of Platform Wellness and creator of the ReST™ burnout prevention method. She empowers women of color to enjoy professional growth and success without having to sacrifice personal health and well-being. Her work is based on the belief that mindset is medicine. Dr. Bhowmik is a double board-certified physician specializing in preventive medicine and lifestyle medicine. Interns will help grow the social media presence of her business and leverage the principles and practices of “entertainment education” to help professional women of color dealing with burnout. The final deliverable for this internship will be to create a Fall 2023 social media marketing campaign. 

Summer break (fully remote).

Computer Science
A man concentrating on a laptop.

QRyde is a platform that resolves the unique challenges that differing demographics pose for the transportation industry and excels at responding to these differences with efficient, customized solutions. QRyde serves a broad range of markets including: transit, healthcare, education, employment and international distribution systems. Each summer HBSS provides internship opportunities to high school and college students to learn computer science and develop applications in areas of AI, machine learning, GPU programming, algorithms, 3D printing design etc. The goal of these internships is to provide students with real-world experience in building solutions that impact people's lives directly. 

Summer break (hybrid, with one-day per week in Lowell, Massachusetts).

Sustainable Fashion
A rack of clothing.

Jeune Otte is a women's sustainable luxury clothing line established in 2019 in Chicago. CEO Heiji Black ’96 was the style and fashion editor at Chicago magazine and previous to that, she operated and owned a lifestyle boutique, hejfina, in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago. The month of August, they will be gearing up for their sales season in New York for Fall/Winter 2024 fashion week and will be producing samples of pieces for their collection as well as sales and marketing materials. Interns will help with a number of tasks, including cutting fabric, organizing fabric, sewing buttons or hems on the sewing machine, taking photos for social media, organizing materials in the studio, sweeping and tidying up studio, observing fittings on fit model, packing up shipments for e-commerce and entering data into spreadsheets. The intern will see what it takes to run an up-and-coming sustainable fashion line.

Summer break (in-person in Chicago).

Synthetic Chemistry
Test-tubes with plants inside.

Spero's mission is to make biological alchemy a reality. Nature has crafted extraordinary enzymatic pathways that produce organic compounds — vitamins, aromatics, pigments. CFME (cell-free metabolic engineering) leverages these pathways in vitro. Long a dream for bioengineers, technical challenges have prevented its industrial adoption, until now. Spero Technologies is developing biological manufacturing technology that will enable the low-cost production of a broad range of organic compounds. Interns will be integrated into our day-to-day research efforts. Our aim is to provide interns with a deep technical understanding of the chemistry and biology involved in our technology, and how we leverage that understanding to make practical improvements to the system. Interns will always be supervised when working in the lab and will be provided with all necessary safety equipment.

Summer break (in-person in Austin, Texas).

Real Estate Investing
A glass skyscraper.

Since its founding in 2011, Northlight Capital Partners LLC has managed and advised on the activities of multiple investment vehicles totaling more than $500 million of invested capital. Northlight invests in distressed special situations, both inside and outside of bankruptcy, where stakeholders require a capital partner who can provide experience, flexibility and patience to solve capital structure and operational issues. The intern will work with the functional teams of Northlight including finance, business development, underwriting and asset management on a variety of projects related to the Fund’s existing portfolio. The role will be research-oriented and project-based. A successful intern will leave this experience with a fundamental understanding of commercial real estate, acquisition and management of distressed debt and bankruptcy.

Summer break (in-person in Westport, Connecticut).

Biology at Stanford
Stanford University Tower against a blue sky

This Exeter summer internship is designed to give a qualified rising senior a four- to six-week paid internship that will expand their scholarship by transcending a traditional learning venue with a real-world work experience. Working in Dr. Seung Kim’s laboratory at Stanford University, the student selected will join an active research lab and will continue the work started in the Biology 586 course at Exeter. They will also have the opportunity to work alongside other high school, graduate, and post-doctoral students to learn the skills needed to take advantage of Drosophila melanogaster as a powerful modern model organism for developmental biology and physiology research. 

Summer break: Early August to early September.

Politics on Capitol Hill
Capitol Building in Washington D.C.

On this spring term program, students join the staff of a U.S. senator or representative as a full-time intern and get an insider’s view of life on Capitol Hill. While daily tasks may start out small, students eventually gain access to mentors in the political world, attend hearings, handle correspondence, or even brief aides and elected officials on important issues. For more than 50 years, the Washington Intern Program has helped Exeter seniors see how the legislative branch works, while living and learning in the nation’s capital. Open to seniors.

Spring term: Early March through May.

Finance at Wharton
Philadelphia skyline

Two Exeter students each summer are granted full tuition funding to the Wharton School summer programs. The programs are offered in various sessions throughout the summer, so the nominees can choose the best dates for them. Essentials of Finance explores all aspects of finance, from the time value of money and corporate finance to ethics and decision-making. Essentials of Entrepreneurship challenges students to engage with international peers, use innovative thinking, and learn the basics of what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Summer break.

Biology on Isles of Shoals
birds on rocks

Richard S. Aaronian Class of '78 Summer Research Program in Field Biology is an outstanding opportunity for one current upper to spend four weeks living and researching at the Isles of Shoals off the coast of New Hampshire. The Shoals Research Apprenticeship is divided into two segments. In the first course, students gain an in-depth understanding of research methods and develop their own research proposal. In the second half of the program, students carry out their independent research project with the help of SML faculty mentors and your group of fellow apprentices.

Summer break: Late June to late July.

U.S. History in New York
Logo for New York Historical Society on yellow background

The intern will work with Valerie Paley, New York Historical Society’s Vice President, Chief Historian and Director of the Center for Women’s History, on a number of projects related to United States history, public history, and urban history. This intern will work extensively with the Historical Society’s research library and will also participate as a member of the team of doctoral-level fellows engaged in curatorial assignments. This internship will involve extensive experience in archival and material research. 

Summer (hybrid).

The Academy of American Poets
A page of text with the word "Poetry" highlighted in yellow

The Academy of American Poets internship is an outstanding opportunity for one current upper to spend six weeks interning at a vibrant place of literary scholarship. The Academy of American Poets intern will work closely with the Associate Director on a variety of literary projects.  Founded in 1934, the mission of the AAP is “to support American poets at all stages of their careers and to foster the appreciation of contemporary poetry.” The Academy of American Poets intern will work five days per week, for a six week period, to be determined in conjunction with AAP. Competitive applicants should be avid writers, well-read, mature, responsible, organized, and curious. 

Summer (remote).