Matthew J. Hartnett

Chair of the Department of Classical Languages
Bradbury Longfellow Professor of Greek
Matthew J. Hartnett


M.A. Columbia University

Ph.D. Columbia University

B.A. College of William & Mary


Mr. Hartnett was born and raised in rural Maine, where he developed a passion for ancient languages and cultures that helped shape his view of the world, prompted many walking tours through the remains of past civilizations, inspired two books, and led him to embrace secondary school teaching as his life’s work.

Since arriving at Exeter in 2010, Mr. Hartnett has taught Latin and Greek from the elementary to the advanced level. Particular interests include the poets Catullus and Lucretius, ancient inscriptions on stone and other materials, and Greek philosophy. He has written two books: By Roman Hands: Inscriptions and Graffiti for Students of Latin (Hackett, 2nd ed., 2012) and ΑΓΩΝ (pronounced “ahg-own”), a textbook for learning ancient Greek that is used in Exeter’s introductory Greek courses. In 2006 Mr. Hartnett received the Matthew I. Wiencke Teaching Award from the Classical Association of New England.