Jeffrey P. Ward

Director of Exeter Summer
Jeffrey P. Ward


M.S. Georgetown University

Ph.D. Georgetown University

B.S. Southeastern Mass. University


I never wanted to take chemistry in high school but my parents forced me to, and I walked away from that class with a 98 average and a love for the subject. I decided to major in chemistry at college, and as an undergraduate I discovered I wanted to delve further into the subject by going to graduate school and earning a Ph.D. In grad school I was asked if I wanted to teach a night course in organic chemistry. I fell in love with sharing my passion for chemistry with students, and after earning my advanced degree, I taught at the Waterford School in Sandy, Utah, until 2004, when I moved east to teach at PEA.

I teach the introductory and advanced chemistry classes, as well as the Advanced Topics in Chemistry: Nuclear and Organic Chemistry elective in the winter term. I love showing students that the world around them can be explained using fundamental chemical principles. I was the dorm head of Knight House for ten years, and for the past several years have served as the dean of Exeter Summer.

I love music — I mean, I really love music. If you were to walk into my classroom you would hear music coming from my CD player, my computer or my record player. In addition, I host a weekly radio show on the Academy’s FM radio station, WPEA 90.5-FM. I also enjoy running, yard work, and hanging out with my family and friends, and I am very involved with my church.