James A. Dicarlo

Instructor in Science
James A. Dicarlo

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy." — Hamlet


B.A. Dartmouth College

M.S. Stanford University


I came to Exeter fresh out of graduate school and have stayed for more than two decades because I love teaching physics to curious and capable students. The physical world is wonderfully complicated and yet, amazingly, we can learn to interpret its language.

I’ve taught introductory physics to preps, quantum mechanics to seniors and everything in between. I’ve been lucky enough to spend two separate years at the Mountain School of Milton Academy teaching physics and math, as well as how to chop down a tree with an ax or how to knit a sock.

I have a daughter who is currently an upper, and another daughter who hopes to join the class of 2021. I enjoy playing Irish music on the wooden flute, whistle, banjo and guitar. I’m part of a group that hosts a monthly contra dance in town, which draws students as well as folks from the local community. When we discuss waves in class, I bring in my instruments to demonstrate how physics is front and center in the ways that instruments generate sound.