Caribbean, Central & South America

Curricular Global Learning​​

Exonians study sustainability in the Bahamas and explore the history-rich UNESCO World Heritage trust site of Cuenca, Ecuador.


Dive into hands-on study of sustainability, ecology and the environment in Eleuthera, Bahamas at The Island School. The ocean becomes your classroom as you work alongside scientists to find solutions for conservation issues and combat eco-destruction. Immerse yourself in the culture of the island, working with Bahamian students at a nearby middle school and learning from residents of the small settlements around Eleuthera. Select from outdoor education programs, including half-marathons, open-ocean swims, kayak and sailing expeditions, and a 48-hour wilderness solo experience.

Exeter students in Ecuador

In Cuenca, a city of 400,000 in the Ecuadorian highlands, Exonians have attended Colegio Alemán Stiehle with local students for courses in art, math, history, philosophy and science. Courses in Spanish literature and culture (taught by an Exeter faculty member), along with help from host families, helped guide students toward fluency in the language.

While in Ecuador, students supplemented coursework with service learning projects and many field trips, including retracing Darwin’s journey on an excursion to the Galápagos, a visit to Cajas National Park, and an excursion to Gualeceo and Chordaleg.

The Experiential Approach

Hands-on learning is available through non-sibi programs led by Exeter faculty.

Central America

Taking flight: birding in Costa Rica with Academy science instructors

Through small group travel tours led by PEA faculty who are experts in their fields, Exeter Expeditions offers alumni the chance to engage in Harkness-style learning across the globe.  


Spring break in Cuba

Reflections on a historic first trip.

South America

Reflections On Brazil

A call for change, one conversation at a time.