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Skateboarders take to the paths on the last day of winter 2019.
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Spring has sprung!

So long, winter. The calendar says it's spring, and Exonians are here for it! 

Welcome to Exeter!

We're pretty excited about our newest Exonians, each of whom found this welcome video Saturday morning in their inboxes. 

Aiden Silvestri
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Exeter People

“I’m happy my writing has improved, that’s something I’ve always wanted to get better at.”

Aiden '22

Exeter students working on projects for launchX in the Design Lab.

PEA teams excel at LaunchX

Team Sticky, with an app designed to reduce food waste, wins overall and moves on to the Global Competition at MIT in May. Team Edamame gains the Innovation Award for the reuse of single-use plastics as 3D printing filament.


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Academic Excellence
Exeter People

“I treasure Exeter’s collaborative spirit and desire to create something greater.”

Exeter People

“That's one of the most noble goals ... embracing this one-of-a-kind education and using it to help others.”

Exeter People

“When you get the chance to do things you love, you just have to take it.”