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Taught by a religion teacher and biology teacher, this course dives into questions that are as basic as the meaning of life. 

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Artists need to understand their materials. This advanced interdisciplinary course offers a combination of assigned and self-directed projects with further investigations in clay and labs of...

Humans' capacity to alter their world at the biological level has risen to new heights in the past 50 years. With advanced technologies such as gene editing, cloning and stem cell research,...

Seminal sustainability thinker and Oberlin College professor David Orr states that "big changes start in places small enough to be innovative and agile, but large enough to be important." Exeter...

A 21st century education must prepare students to become global citizens and ethical leaders who are culturally fluent. The ability to think critically and compassionately and to make ethical and...

This course provides students an opportunity to work on a multi-institutional digital archive project while studying the Civil War era. Partnering with the Civil War Institute at Gettysburg...