Humberto Delgado Velazquez

Instructor in Modern Languages
Humberto Delgado Velazquez


M.A. Harvard University

Ph.D. Harvard University

B.A. Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico


Humberto Delgado was born and raised in Mexico City in a family of two sisters, their parents and a few stray dogs, his mother’s adoptees. He studied Latin American literature and, years later, film studies at the National University of Mexico. After graduating, he taught both at the high school and university level in Mexico City. His academic work was enriched by his experiences working as media editor on diverse projects, including a feature film.   

He did his doctoral work in a new graduate program at Harvard University. There he combined his two areas of expertise, both in the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures and the Department of Visual and Environmental Studies. As a teaching fellow during his graduate years, he taught undergraduates in all levels of Spanish language and he was also a professor’s assistant in several literature-based courses.      

At Harvard, he also specialized in Latino studies and had the privilege of working with several Latino organizations on and off campus. He is most proud of teaching Spanish and the Community, an advanced culture and language course in which students learned about Latino communities in the U.S. He also did volunteer work with some Boston-area community service organizations.   

Delgado’s love for Latin America literature, cinema and the Latino communities in the U.S. continued after graduating from Harvard. From 2018 to 2020 he was a visiting professor in the Department of Romance Languages at Boston College where he continued teaching Hispanic literature, culture and cinema, but the course that he enjoyed the most was one that he created about Latino Identity in the U.S.  

Delgado and his wife share a deep passion for Mexican food. They believe that food is a way to unite people, creating community and helping others understand people’s cultures