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Join us at Exeter!

Our newly admitted students received a 60-second dose of what's ahead in their digital acceptance package. Watch it here.

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Exeter People

"Whatever I do in the future will need to have some aspect of helping the environment, because we live on a dying planet."

Grant Goodall '20

The Exeter Bulletin

I belong

Affinity and identity groups have supported students for decades. Now alumni can benefit, too.

'Vee ah Döömgrïndër'!

The longtime favorites were back for Faculty Follies '22 as PEA's intrepid instructors sent students home with a show to remember.

Meet Exeter's Executive Chef

A 40-year veteran of the restaurant and catering industry, Pierre Gignac manages the Academy's fast-paced kitchens with art, expertise and dynamism.

Good Company
Exeter People

“You do a lot of self-reflection here. ... That leads you to really find yourself.”

Exeter People

“It was a lot of hard work, but [what] made it worth it was the people who ... said, 'Wow, that really had a profound impact on me.'”