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Happy 100th to Exeter's most devoted supporter!

Bill Witkin '39 has been giving back to Exeter since the day he graduated, and that support endures as he reaches his 10th decade.

Jeremy England
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Exeter People

“There was a fevered sense of having an idea and not being able to stop thinking about it, and not being able to sleep.”

Jeremy England '99

Abena Higgins
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Exeter People

“Even before the pandemic, there was a teacher shortage. I think it’s going to be what forces change in education in America.”

Abena Agyemang Higgins ’03

Morgan Sze
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Exeter People

"I am grateful and humbled by the passionate work of our on-campus community, alumni and parents. The Academy is strong because of them."

Morgan Sze '83

On writing well

Dan Brown ‘82 returned Tuesday to the campus on which he was raised to speak to the ninth-grade class and answer their questions about writing and storytelling. His parting tip: wear out your delete key!