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Games with Seniors

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Children's Programs

Learn about the 20+ ESSO kid’s programs, including arts, sports, mentoring, and performing arts.

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​​Pick Your Cause

Exeter Student Service Organization is student-led and includes about 70 active service-oriented clubs working with 45 community partners. The mission: To provide direct service and support to communities, both locally and globally, and to learn from those experiences and carry that knowledge forward.

With over half of the students participating in ESSO activities each year, there are dozens of ways to connect with your peers and have an impact on the lives of others. ESSO is so popular we’ve given our volunteers a special name: ESSOnians.

If you’re interested in sign language, you can teach it to youngsters at our children’s center. If improv is a passion, you can flex your theatrical muscles in our Theater Games club, which brings acting to children in grades 2-5. If you have a special area of interest, we’ll help you develop a project that fulfills your goals.

Here are just a few of the special projects Exonians launched last year:

  • Just Keep Smiling makes toys for pediatric patients at Massachusetts General Hospital.
  • Art from the Heart creates children’s books for local hospitals.
  • Cooking for a Cause prepares meals for local transitional shelters.
  • Magic the Gathering teaches card games to kids.


service clubs and projects

My focus on global health and startups that have a tangible benefit to other people’s lives stems from my experience doing community service at Exeter.
Jason Kang ’12

For many of our students, ESSO programs become a main focus, even extending into summer and school vacations.

Here’s a small sample of our more than 100 clubs and projects:

  • Teaching children Spanish, math, sports, art, music and more.
  • Developing awareness and support programs for issues of teen identity and health.
  • Performing concerts at local schools and retirement communities.
  • Volunteering at homeless shelters and food banks.
  • Cleaning beaches and nature areas.
  • Supporting Relay for Life.