Exonian Mentors

Mentorship can be life-changing

Exonian Mentors is a new feature within the PEA Alumni Network that connects alums seeking career advice to those who have skills, knowledge and training to offer. 

Sharing your experience, advice and industry insights can be an invaluable gift to Exonians looking to grow in their career, make a change or explore new territory. 

Your shared Exeter experience starts the conversation. The depth of the connection is up to you. 

Connecting generations
"Mentorship from Exeter alumni has been extremely impactful for me. With Dallas Brown '74, I had the opportunity to learn more about ROTC at Princeton. His guidance ultimately was a deciding factor in my college decision." — Aiden Silvestri '22

Become an Exonian Mentor 

The process is simple. Opt-in to the program by adding your mentor information, including areas of expertise and industry knowledge, to your alumni profile. Interested Exonian mentees will contact you. You control the time commitment, and you stay involved for as long as you’d like — it’s simple to turn on and off your accessibility online.

New! Mentor an Exeter student

We are expanding the Exonian Mentor program to include current Exeter uppers and seniors. Now you can share your experience and expertise, answer questions about career paths and offer advice about the next steps in their journey at and beyond Exeter. Our students are very interested in learning more about post-Exeter education, transitions from Exeter, career choices, and shared identities as they relate to your education and profession. 

Students have the ability to search the mentor directory but will not have access to contact information. They can request contact information from the Alumni Relations office and that will trigger an email to you to participate in a quick, confidential background check, paid for by the Academy. (Or, if you’ve had a background check within 5 years you can submit that instead.) Once a background check is returned, an email will be sent by the Alumni Relations office connecting you to your student mentee.

When I was a student in law school, I met fellow Exonian Jack Bissell '58 and he had a profound effect on my career path. It’s a relationship that continues to this day and is partly what motivates me to mentor others.”
Ciatta Z. Baysah ’97

Reach out to a mentor

To find mentor matches, simply search the mentor directory (a selection under Directory on the PEA Alumni Network), filtering on name, class year, occupation, location and other factors. You'll see a list of alums who meet the criteria. Click on individual names to discover more about each mentor's background and access contact information.  

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