Tennis - Girls JV

Exeter’s three teams consist of a 20-player competitive ladder. The New England Girls' Prep School Championships cap each season. Big Red has a history of success over decades, carrying a solid winning percentage in dual matches and placing high in season end tournaments. Exeter has 14 resurfaced outdoor hard courts with 4 indoor to be completed in 2018.


There are no upcoming events in our system.
04/01/20171:00pmExeter High SchoolAwaycanceled
04/12/20173:30pmCushing AcademyHomeCanceled
04/15/20171:00pmNorthfield Mount Hermon SchoolAwaywin symbol8-1
04/19/20173:30pmHolderness SchoolAwaycanceled
04/22/20173:00pmTabor AcademyHomecanceled rain
04/29/20173:30pmAndoverHomewin symbol11-0
05/03/20174:30pmExeter High SchoolHomewin symbol13-0
05/06/20173:00pmBrewster AcademyAwaycanceled rain
05/10/20173:15pmMilton AcademyHomewin symbol6-1
05/13/20171:45pmNew Hampton SchoolHomewin symbol9-1
05/17/20173:00pmProctor AcademyHomewin symbol9-4
05/20/20173:00pmGovernors AcademyHomewin symbol9-0
05/24/20172:30pmAndoverAwaywin symbol9-0
Ilchenko, Bella2019Milwaukee, WI USA
Khaner, Grace2018New York, NY USA
Lee, Alexis2018Upper Saddle River, NJ USA
Matsumoto, Reina2019Belmont, MA USA
Murphy, Bevin2019Stratham, NH USA
Nuako, Fifi2017Martin, TN USA
Stockwell, Tia2020Kennebunkport, ME USA
Treadwell, Frances2019Tartegnin 1180, SWITZERLAND
Yun, Jena2017Fresh Meadows, NY USA

Head Coach: Rachel Whelton

Current Record

Wins: 8
Losses: 0


Students participate in a team or PE course each term