• 'The Proctor-Prep Connection' from <EM>The</EM> BulletinHow role models impact the Exeter experience for students. More
  • 'Equal Access to Good Schools' from <EM>The Bulletin</EM>The frontlines of education reform through the eyes of five alumni. More
  • "What's My Day Like?" <BR>Tierra plays cello, dances on the girls step team and thrives in Exeter's diverse culture. Learn more about Tierra
  • "What's My Day Like?" <BR>Tamer loves Spanish, hands-on problem solving, and his close friendships with team and dorm mates. Learn more about Tamer
  • "What's My Day Like?" Millie, an avid field hockey player, enjoys Harkness math and takes Russian for the fun of it. Learn more about Millie
'The Proctor-Prep Connection' from <EM>The</EM> Bulletin1 'Equal Access to Good Schools' from <EM>The Bulletin</EM>2 "What's My Day Like?" <BR>3 "What's My Day Like?" <BR>4 "What's My Day Like?" 5


February 13, 2015

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