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How to Apply for Financial Aid

Here’s a timeline to help you understand the process:

By Jan. 31:

  • Indicate that you intend to apply for financial aid on the online application.
  • Complete the Parents’ Financial Statement with School and Student Services (SSS).
  • Upload a complete copy of your 2017 and 2018 tax returns (1040, including all forms and schedules) and W-2s, if applicable, to SSS.
  • If you have either an s-corp. or a partnership on Schedule E of your return, please upload directly to SSS the K-1 and corresponding Forms 1120-S (s-corp.) or 1065 (partnership). Since these documents are not “required” within SSS, please upload them as “Additional Documents.”

Non-U.S. residents:

  • Complete the Parents’ Financial Statement with School and Student Services (SSS).
  • For families living outside the United States and who do not file U.S. tax documents, please submit official income/asset documentation for 2017 and 2018, such as foreign tax returns and/or official wage statements from employers. If tax information is in a language other than English, please submit a translated copy.
  • We also ask families to complete the International Student Financial Aid Profile form.
  • All supporting documents (official wage statements, the International Student Financial Aid Profile, etc.) are to be uploaded as “Additional Documents” since they are not “required” within SSS.

For questions about using SSS, please call them directly at 800-344-8328.

Supplemental Information

Exeter’s financial aid program hinges on parents financing their children’s education to the extent they are able. We assume that each parent in a family will work if there are no elementary school age children in the household. Parents who are not working should be prepared to share why that is the case, and understand that Exeter may assign an income for a non-working parent in determining a family’s financial need. Please note:

  • Families who anticipate needing financial aid at any time during their child’s tenure at Exeter need to apply for financial aid at the time of admission.
  • Exeter considers the financial resources of both legal parents, if living, before making an award. The Academy does not feel bound by the assertion, if it is made, that one parent disclaims responsibility for educational expenses. If either legal parent remarries, we consider the obligations of that parent to his or her new family. When a parent with custody remarries, we consider the resources of the stepparent. However, we do bear in mind the obligations of the stepparent to his or her own children.
  • In a divorced or separated family, a separate Parents’ Financial Statement should be submitted for each household. Please include contact information for each parent on the Gateway to Prep Schools application form.

We appreciate that every family’s situation is different. If you have questions, we are here to help. Please contact John Hutchins at:


If you change your mind about requesting aid, please let the Financial Aid Office know immediately.

Submit Financial Aid Documents

Start an account with SSS now.

Go to the page titled Submit Financial Aid Documents

Am I Eligible for Aid?

Families making less than $75,000 pay no tuition. We also have aid programs for middle- and upper-income families.

Go to the page titled Am I Eligible for Aid?


in assistance awarded as outright grants. No loans. Nothing to pay back.