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Football V

Forty-eight players make the varsity team roster. Exeter has been a powerhouse since 2000, winning New England championships in 2003 and 2009. Varsity plays eight intense games against eight tough teams. We have the oldest high school rivalry in the country vs. our sister school Andover. The 8,000-seat Phelps Stadium is our home turf.

FALL 2014

There are no upcoming events in our system.
Print Schedule
09/20/20145:00pmWorcester AcademyAway0-34 L
09/27/20144:00pmChoate Rosemary HallHome0-49 L
10/04/20145:30pmLoomis Chaffee SchoolHome13-14 L
10/11/20144:00pmSuffield AcademyAway0-21 L
10/18/20145:00pmDeerfield AcademyHomewin symbol25-20
10/25/20145:30pmCushing AcademyAwaywin symbol28-27
11/01/20145:00pmAvon Old Farms SchoolHome20-47
11/08/20145:45pmAndoverAway12-13 L
Print Roster
Amorosa, Luca2016Montreal, QC CANADA18FB/LB6208
Baker, William2016Kensington, NH USA76OL/DE6 4210
Borges, Kelvin2015Bronx, NY USA11WR/CB6 1190
Bubrick, George2018Fort Lauderdale, FL USA7QB/CB6165
Cefalu, Tommy2016Ipswich, MA USA15WR/CB5 11165
Chinburg, Peter2017Exeter, NH USA40RB/CB5 10175
Corcoran, Jason2016Farmington, CT USA30WR/LB6 0176
Daloia, Frank2016Dracut, MA USA36WR/CB5 10195
Dumont, Chris2015Manchester, MA USA3RB/CB5 11210
Dunsford, Keaton2015Calistoga, CA USA8QB/CB6 5212
Dymond, Marcos2015Andover, MA USA55OL/DE6 1240
Edwards, Will (Captain)2015Birmingham, AL USA44FB/LB6 1200
Farley, Alex2016Arlington, VT USA21FB/LB6 2210
Farrell, Jack2017Lexington, KY USA5WR/CB5 10205
Fotta, Hans2018Wenham, MA 16QB/CB6-0
Graves, Peter2015Belmont, MA USA53FB/LB6 2225
Hamilton, Alex2015Tewksbury, MA USA79OL/DE6 1250
Ikpeazu, Chudi2016Parkland, FL USA48WR/DE6 8225
Lemos, Tucker2015Rye, NH USA33WR/CB5 10170
Ludington, Liam2018Bordeaux 33000, FRANCE80WR/DE6 0210
Lynn, Chad2016Chapel Hill, NC USA78OL/DL6 1280
MacArthur, Jeff2016South Natick, MA USA52OL/DL6 1295
MacLean, Ben2016Exeter, NH USA87TE/DE6 1195
Mancini, Michael2016Kirkland, QC CANADA43FB/LB5 11195
McGowan, Tanner2018Boca Raton, FL 82WR/CB6 4200
Miller, Mykel2016Brooklyn, NY USA74OL/LB6290
Money, Harrison2017Fort Worth, TX USA20WR/CB6 2190
Quinn, James (Captain)2015Windham, NH USA54OL/LB6 0255
Regis, Eric2016Miami, FL USA81WR/DE6 3210
Reitzenstein, Tim2015Willingboro, NJ USA85TE/DE6 3243
Rosseau, Brendan (Captain)2015River Forest, IL USA42OL/LB6 2225
Rothstein, Joey2016Durham, NH USA56OL/LB5 10265
Scott, Henry2016Sudbury, MA USA73OL/LB6 1270
Scronce, Austin2017Exeter, NH USA9K/TE6 1200
Soucy, Bryce2016Exeter, NH USA6RB/CB5 11180
Stockham, Thomas2015Holladay, UT USA28WR/LB6 1190
Thibeault, Joshua2015Durham, ME USA77OL/DL6 4320
Thompson, JT2016Stratham, NH USA24WR/CB5 10175
Veale-Broads, Phil2016Las Vegas, NV USA41FB/LB6 1210
Willett, Jake2015Exeter, NH USA23RB/CB5 11160
Williams, Cecil2015Elk Grove, CA USA22WR/CB6 4215

Coach: Rob Morris

Assistants: Rory Early, Dave Hudson & Patrick Bond

Managers: Elizabeth Janko '18, Kristina Torres '17, Adetayo Zenger '17

Current Record

Wins: 2
Losses: 6


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