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Boys Hockey V

At Exeter the boy's varsity hockey team has a rich tradition of excellence in both records and sportsmanship.


There are no upcoming events in our system.

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11/17/20124:30pmKents Hill SchoolHome3-3 Texpand arrow
11/20/20122:30pmHebron AcademyHomewin symbol5-2expand arrow
12/01/20126:30pmKent SchoolHome1-2 Lexpand arrow
12/02/20123:00pmChoate Rosemary HallHome4-4 Texpand arrow
12/05/20124:30pmWinchendon SchoolAwaywin symbol3-0
12/08/20125:30pmCushing AcademyAway2-6 Lexpand arrow
12/12/20123:30pmTilton SchoolAwaywin symbol2-1
12/15/20124:30pmBerwick AcademyHome2-2 Texpand arrow
12/19/20125:00pmDexter @ HarvardAwaywin symbol4-3
01/05/20134:00pmSt. Paul’s SchoolAwaywin symbol4-2expand arrow
01/07/20135:00pmGroton SchoolHomewin symbol6-1expand arrow
01/09/20135:15pmGovernors AcademyAway2-3 Lexpand arrow
01/12/20134:30pmAndoverAwaywin symbol2-1expand arrow
01/16/20132:30pmTabor AcademyAway4-6 L
01/19/20136:45pmHotchkissAwaywin symbol3-2expand arrow
01/23/20134:30pmKimball Union AcademyAway0-8 L
01/25/20135:00pmCushing AcademyHomewin symbol6-3expand arrow
01/26/20136:00pmSt. Sebastian s Country Day SchoolHomewin symbol3-0expand arrow
01/30/20134:30pmHolderness SchoolAway2-3 L OT
02/02/20134:00pmMilton AcademyHomewin symbol5-1
02/06/20134:00pmProctor AcademyAway2-2 T
02/09/20136:00pmNorthfield Mount Hermon SchoolHomecanceled
02/12/20135:00pmNew Hampton SchoolHome3-3 Texpand arrow
02/13/20134:15pmNorthfield Mount Hermon SchoolAwaywin symbol3-0expand arrow
02/16/20134:30pmDeerfield AcademyAway0-5 Lexpand arrow
02/18/20135:00pmBrewster AcademyHomewin symbol4-0expand arrow
02/20/20132:00pmPomfret SchoolHomewin symbol2-1
02/23/20134:00pmAndoverHome2-5 Lexpand arrow
02/27/20135:00pmMilton AcademyAwaywin symbol6-3expand arrow
03/02/20133:00pmCushing AcademyAway@ Salem ICENTER. 2-4 Lexpand arrow
Print Roster
Alexander, Kyle2014Brewer, ME USA19F5 8171
Brenner, Stan2015Boca Raton, FL USA43F5 9176
Christie, Peter2016Durham, NH USA13D6 0173
Cosgrove, Trevor2016Exeter, NH USA4D6 1182
Cretella, Colby2013Guilford, CT USA8F5 10182
Cross, John (Captain)2013Quebec City, QC CANADA10F5 9170
Flaherty, Mac (Captain)2013Farmington, NY USA18D6 2218
Fruchter, Austin2014Upper Saddle River, NJ USA2D5 8170
Kann, Mike2015Wilmette, IL USA7F5 11180
Keating, Chris (Captain)2013Windham, NH USA11D6 1210
Lackey, Patrick2013Summit, NJ USA14F5 8172
Lackey III, Michael2015Bethesda, MD USA31G6 3185
Lessick, Jake2013Mountain Lakes, NJ USA17F6 1194
Py, Griffin2014Portland, ME USA27D6 5220
Quinn, Patrick2014Belmont, MA USA3F6 3195
Rorick, Cody2014Deerfield, NY USA15F6 3198
Spencer, Derrick2016Concord, NH USA24D6 1178
Steele, Marc2014Danville, NH USA20D6 2206
Trudeau, Alex2014Westmount, QC CANADA9F5 9180
Veres, Ben2013Trumbull, CT USA30G5 10185
Weatherbie, Sterling2015Cape Elizabeth, ME USA22F5 10159
Young, Spenser2016Brentwood, NH USA12D5 10167

Coach: Dana Barbin
Assistant Coaches: Bill Dennehy & Tim Mitropoulos
Managers: Max Gross '17, Adam MacKay '16, Brian Moriarty '16

Current Record

Wins: 15
Losses: 9
Ties: 5


Number of awards we've won over the years.