College Credits

We have partnered with Lake Erie College to offer our attendees college credits for completion of the conference. The cost is $500 for 3 semester hours. This fee is in addition to the $1,500.00 registration fee paid to Phillips Exeter Academy.

Assignments, Grading and Deadlines

The Phillips Exeter Anja S. Greer Conference on Mathematics and Technology course is offered at Phillips Exeter Academy. The conference dates are June 23-June 28, 2019. The conference will explore the mathematics curricula of today and tomorrow with special focus on the impact of technology and its application in the classroom. For each participant, the primary focus of the conference will be two seminar courses. Each seminar course, led by an experienced classroom teacher, will be limited to 12 people and will meet for two hours each day. The goal of the course, through the primary focus of the two seminar courses, is intended to provide professional development opportunities to teachers of mathematics and technology.

Participants will learn the latest Mathematics teaching techniques in a world-class education facility.

Grading Requirements

Students may elect to have a Pass/Fail grade or a letter grade.

Criteria Percentage

  • E-Journal (2) 30
  • Seminar Lessons (2) 30
  • CWIC summaries (4) 20
  • Speaker Summary (2) 20

Final Project Assignment

*NOTE: An outside paper/project is required to complete 15 contact hours mandated for one credit hour. This project MUST BE completed OUTSIDE of your instructional class time.

  • A daily reflections journal for each of the two seminar courses the participants enroll in
  • What was taught? (Each Day of Class)
  • How will you use this in your classroom?
  • Two separate lesson plans--(One lesson based on each course they register for,)
  • Summaries of each Featured Speaker (1 page each,) and
  • Paragraph summaries of at least 4 CWIC sessions attended.

Course Requirements

Students are required to purchase and use all textbooks, handouts, and technology necessary for the two seminar courses they select. Students are expected to attend all class meetings of the two seminar courses and complete required work. In addition, each participant is expected to attend the presentations of featured speakers and participate in at least four “Conference within a Conference” sessions.

All assignments are due one week after the completion of the conference.

All assignments will be sent electronically to The assignments will be sent as attachments as Word files in an e-mail that has the participants name in the title of the attachment along with the assignment name. (i.e. Richard Benz e-journal, math/technology conference.)

How to Register for this Course


Click here to register with Lake Erie College for SU ED 7302 W - ExeterGreer19.

  1. Begin by logging in with existing Lake Erie College credentials or clicking "Create an account" from the menu on the left-hand side
  2. After logging in, click on "Course Search" and select the term "Summer 2019"
  3. Search for course ED 7302 W (Faculty listed as Benz, Richard)
  4. You must add the course to your schedule AND pay the $500 fee to complete registration

You must register for the conference first, prior to applying for college credits.

Please email Rich Benz for additional information.