Zuming Feng

Instructor in Mathematics
Stephen G. Kurtz Teaching Chair
Zuming Feng


Ph.D. Johns Hopkins University


Zuming Feng grew up in Shanghai and Tianjin in the People’s Republic of China. He attended Nankai High School in Tianjin and Beijing University in Beijing, then earned a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University with an emphasis on algebraic number theory and elliptic curves.

Mr. Feng joined Exeter’s Math department in the spring of 1995. In addition to his math classes, he served as dorm head in McConnell Hall and coached girls JV soccer for many years (including one perfect season and several undefeated seasons). He supervises the Math Club and Math Team and is a member of the Admissions Committee. He has been honored three times with teaching awards by the school, and he holds the Stephen G. Kurtz Teaching Chair.

Mr. Feng lives on campus with his wife, Xueyu (Annie), and their two children (Exeter classes of ’14 and ’19). He is an avid sports fan (in particular of soccer and American football). The family enjoys cooking, travel and outdoor activities such as hiking.

Mr. Feng’s professional interests deeply relate to problem-solving-based math activities. He designed the course Mathematical Problem Solving at Yale University and taught it from 2013 to 2015. He has served as a coach of the USA International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) team since 1997; was deputy leader of the USA IMO delegation; an assistant director of the USA Mathematical Olympiad Summer Program (MOSP); and the leader of the USA IMO delegation and the academic director of the MOSP for ten years. He is a coordinator at IMO 2015, and has been a member of the USA Mathematical Olympiad Committee since 1999.

Mr. Feng co-founded the AwesomeMath Summer Program (AMSP) and was its academic director for several years. He also co-founded the IDEA MATH program, which he has run since 2007. IDEA MATH has online programs; weekend programs in Lexington, Massachusetts; a winter program in Cupertino, California; and summer programs in Nashua, New Hampshire, San Jose, California, and Houston. He has many publications in contest mathematics.

Mr. Feng is a board member of the newly founded Proof School in San Francisco and of Cogito, part of Johns Hopkins University’s CTY SET program. He received the Edyth May Sliffe Award for Distinguished High School Mathematics Teaching from the Mathematical Association of America in 1996 and 2002, and the Excellency Diploma from the Romanian Math Society for “his outstanding contribution to the Mathematical Olympiad movement in the world” in 2013.


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