Aviva A. Halani

Instructor in Mathematics
Aviva Halani

"The art of teaching has little to do with the traffic of knowledge; its fundamental purpose must be to foster the art of learning." — Ernst von Glasersfeld


M.A. Arizona State University

Ph.D. Arizona State University

B.A. Wellesley College


A first-generation American, Ms. Halani grew up living in Texas hotels thanks to her parents’ business. She has since been zigzagging across the country: Massachusetts as an undergrad, Arizona for grad school and now New Hampshire. While in grad school she taught classes at ASU and was a math content expert for an educational tech company, ensuring that its highly interactive digital lessons were mathematically correct and pedagogically sound.

Ms. Halani joined Exeter’s Math Department in 2013 and enjoys teaching the full range of courses, from prep courses through various senior electives. She works closely with Exeter’s curricula as part of the summer editing team and was a part of the group tasked with writing the Lab Approach to Calculus sequence. She has continued to present both her dissertation research and Exeter’s inquiry-based materials at professional conferences. Before moving to Bancroft Hall in 2016, she was dorm faculty in Dunbar. She is on the Admissions Committee and advises the Model UN club.

Ms. Halani spends most of her summers working with other math teachers on both content and pedagogy through the Anja S. Greer Conference hosted at Exeter; Exeter Mathematics Institutes in various cities across the country; and Teachers Across Borders Southern Africa, a volunteer organization focused on improving math and science education in South Africa and Swaziland. Her personal travels often take her internationally to locations where she can scuba dive, indulge her amateur photography obsession and immerse herself in different cultures. No matter where she is, she searches for the best food around. She loves to cook, and the students in the dorm are often beneficiaries of her experiments in the kitchen.