Exeter Summer On-Campus Programs

July 5 – Aug 7, 2021

Enjoy full access to our beautiful campus and state-of-the-art facilities in Exeter, New Hampshire.

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Exeter Summer COVID-19 Updates

Exeter Summer offers five weeks of academic enrichment in a campus setting surrounded by other curious students from around the world. You will choose courses that reflect your interests, and your classes will be collaborative, student-led conversations that are facilitated by a teacher. The Academy is located on a 673-acre campus surrounded by fields and forests and a quaint New England town that is just 10 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and one hour north of Boston. Afternoons are for a wide range of sports and our extensive performing arts program. Rounding out the fun are dances, movies on the quad, a talent show and excursions off campus.

Interested in a virtual option? Learn about our Exeter Summer Online Programs.


Students currently in grades 7-8

Accelerated study in a themed “cluster” of three courses that approach a topic through different disciplines. Collaborate with fellow students on subjects you’re passionate about while sharpening your skills of observation and expression.

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Students currently in grades 9-12

Design your own academic curriculum! This is your chance to sharpen certain skills, dig deeper into a favorite topic or pursue something totally new. Choose from a diverse offering of courses as well as college preparation opportunities.

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The Harkness method is very dynamic, I really appreciate the way that everyone has to participate. So it keeps us active, it keeps us focused and it teaches us a lot.
Charlie, student from Brazil


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