Work/Life Balance

Well-being Programs

Be Well Exeter is a holistic health and well-being program covering six themes: environmental, financial/health consumer, lifestyle, mind/spirit, physical, and workplace/community. A variety of speakers, events, screenings, resources, counselors, and workouts are offered each month.

Harris Family Children’s Center (HFCC) Scholarship

HFCC scholarships will provide subsidies to employees who might not otherwise be able to afford regular session HFCC tuition. An application is required. Scholarships are strictly need-based and are reviewed annually. This is an Academy paid benefit.

Summer Flextime Policy

Summer Flextime offers greater flexibility in summer work hours. All staff and administrators are eligible. Administrative offices remain open during core summer hours. Employees work their full amount of hours during the week. You may leave at noon on Friday or shorten the number of days you work each week by flexing your start and end times during the week. Flextime arrangements vary by department. 

Alternative Work Arrangements

Alternative Work Arrangements (AWA) may offer variable work hours, requiring employees to work their standard number of hours with flexibility. For example, employees alter their shift start and end time, work their regular number of hours in a reduced number of days per week, or work from home for a short period of time.