After School Program

Our After-school Program is located on the South side of the building in the kindergarten room and outdoor classroom and accommodates children in kindergarten through the second grade. Our child-centered curriculum is designed to complement rather than duplicate the school day. We encourage the school-age children to explore and build on their own interests and skills.

The outdoor classroom allows for ongoing play and project work and was designed to give children the opportunity to take part in the natural world. Children will actively participate in creating and maintaining gardens and open-ended wildlife projects. With egress to Swasey Parkway, children are given the opportunity for walks along the river and investigations throughout our community. Using the exemplary facilities of the Academy, including Phelps Science Center, Lamont Gallery and the Thompson Gymnasium, we emphasize the importance of educating through the arts and sciences. We have a sand pit, various interactive water supplies and a rolling hill that is perfect for winter sliding. 

The basketball half court provides children with the opportunity to participate in group games and our climbing structure assists in endless physical and gross motor activities. Our gazebo provides a relaxing atmosphere to take refuge from the sun and provides ample space for down time.

Children will have the opportunity to participate in cooking activities in our full kitchen. Teachers will use this space to facilitate science experiments, ethnic cooking and child-initiated snack preparation. Our Harkness conservatory is designed for the fine arts and was modeled after an Italian Atelier, or art studio. With a focus on natural material, shelves are stocked with various clays, paints, drawing and collage materials, all used in open-ended activities. 

Our After-school Program follows the HFCC calendar and will continue to offer care from 3:00-5:30 as long as the Children’s Center is open on snow days, teacher in-service days, and vacation weeks. We will offer care for early-release days from 12:45–5:30 p.m.  

The children will be transported from Main Street School to the Children's Center by First Student Bus Company. The children are dropped off directly in front of the Harris Family Children's Center and met there by one of the After-school Program teachers. Any parent whose child will be attending on a regularly scheduled SAU16 closing day is responsible for coordinating transportation to the HFCC.