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Girls Basketball V

Exeter plays 16-18 regular season games against a strong lineup of Class A schools in New England, and usually participates in a tournament at the beginning of winter vacation that adds two or three more games to the schedule. Exeter competes in the Eight Schools post-season tournament. Love Gym’s college regulation court is home to Big Red.


There are no upcoming events in our system.
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11/14/20144:30pmNew Hampton School (S)Homescrimmage
11/19/20142:30pmNorthfield Mount Hermon SchoolAwaywin symbol53-51
12/06/20144:30pmLoomis Chaffee SchoolAway52-73 L
12/10/20143:30pmMilton AcademyHomewin symbol62-52
12/13/20144:00pmTabor AcademyAway30-70 L
12/17/20143:00pmKimball Union AcademyHomewin symbol67-55
12/19/20143:00pmHotchkiss School / TourneyAwaysee highlightsexpand arrow
01/07/20154:30pmTaft School @ BancroftAwaywin symbol62-59 OT
01/10/20151:00pmBuckingham Browne & Nichols SchoolAway60-79 L
01/17/20154:00pmDeerfield AcademyHomewin symbol67-49
01/21/20152:30pmBrewster AcademyHomewin symbol59-30
01/24/20152:00pmChoate Rosemary HallHomecanceled
01/28/20152:30pmSt. Paul’s SchoolAwayrescheduled for Friday, 2/6
01/31/20153:00pmThayer AcademyAwaywin symbol64-38
02/04/20152:30pmGovernors AcademyHomewin symbol68-56
02/06/20155:30pmSt. Paul’s SchoolAwaywin symbol66-43
02/07/20153:15pmAndoverAwaywin symbol76-64
02/11/20154:00pmNew Hampton SchoolAway72-73 L OT
02/14/20151:30pmWorcester AcademyAway37-43 L
02/18/20153:00pmTilton SchoolAway63-68 L
02/21/20151:00pmCushing AcademyHomewin symbol89-85 OT
02/25/20153:30pmHolderness SchoolHomewin symbol79-70
02/28/20154:15pmAndoverHomewin symbol55-51 OT
03/06/20156:00pmNorthfield Mount Hermon SchoolHomewin symbol56-54
03/07/20154:00pmTaft SchoolHomewin symbol51-39
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Coach: Ron Kim

Assistant Coach: Ellen Gunst, Jill Lyon

Managers:  Efeose Airewele '16, Dominique Cantave '16, Sequoia Johnson'16 & Lucy Weiler '16

Current Record

Wins: 17
Losses: 7


Students participate in a team or PE course each term