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Girls Basketball V

Exeter plays 16-18 regular season games against a strong lineup of Class A schools in New England, and usually participates in a tournament at the beginning of winter vacation that adds two or three more games to the schedule. Exeter competes in the Eight Schools post-season tournament. Love Gym’s college regulation court is home to Big Red.


There are no upcoming events in our system.
Print Schedule
11/16/20133:30pmNew Hampton School (S)Awayscrimmage
11/20/20133:45pmNorthfield Mount Hermon SchoolHomewin symbol68-60
12/07/20134:30pmLoomis Chaffee SchoolHomewin symbol59-56
12/11/20133:00pmMilton AcademyAwaywin symbol51-46
12/14/20134:00pmTabor AcademyHomewin symbol69-67 OT
12/18/20134:00pmKimball Union AcademyAwaywin symbol56-55
12/21/201311:00amHotchkiss SchoolAwaywin symbol44-42
01/08/20144:45pmNoble & Greenough SchoolAway28-53 L
01/10/20145:00pmBuckingham Browne & Nichols SchoolHomewin symbol57-41
01/11/20142:00pmDeerfield AcademyAwaywin symbol63-42
01/15/20144:00pmBrewster AcademyAwaywin symbol45-16
01/18/20143:30pmChoate Rosemary HallAwaywin symbol59-41
01/22/20143:00pmSt. Paul’s SchoolHomewin symbol67-39
01/25/20144:00pmThayer AcademyHomewin symbol53-28
01/29/20142:30pmGovernors AcademyAway52-61 L
02/03/20145:00pmAndoverHomewin symbol52-49
02/04/20145:00pmNew Hampton SchoolHomewin symbol58-34
02/07/20144:45pmMarianapolis PrepHomewin symbol63-55
02/08/20142:30pmWorcester AcademyHomewin symbol53-44
02/12/20143:00pmTilton SchoolHome31-59 L
02/15/20142:30pmCushing AcademyAwaywin symbol63-58
02/19/20143:00pmHolderness SchoolAwaywin symbol59-36
02/22/20146:00pmAndoverAway36-40 L
02/28/20146:00pmNorthfield Mount Hermon SchoolHomewin symbol59-40 win
03/02/20142:00pmChoate Rosemary HallHomewin symbol65-36. 8 School Championsexpand arrow
Print Roster
Allan, Mel2015Montreal, QC CANADA5G
Blake, Maya2017Fairfax, VA USA32C
Bosche, Michelle2016Bozeman, MT USA33F
Callahan, Katharine2014Kirkland, WA USA12F
Dean-Bailey, Yvonne2014Northwood, NH USA22G/F
Firkey, Maddie2014Hampton, NH USA30G
Gray, Susannah2014York, ME USA23F/C
Heavirland, Nicole (Captain)2014Whitefish, MT USA2G/PG
Henrich, Courtney2015Candia, NH USA21G
Kabari, Peace2016Manchester, NH USA11G/PG/F
Osborne, Casey2015Newburyport, MA USA15F
Streep, Michaela2016Exeter, NH USA14G

Coach: Ron Kim

Assistant Coach: Ellen Gunst, Jill Lyon

Managers:  Efeose Airewele '16, Dominique Cantave '16, Sequoia Johnson'16 & Lucy Weiler '16

Current Record

Wins: 20
Losses: 4


Students participate in a team or PE course each term