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Exeter Summer FAQs

Admissions Information

Exeter Summer has rolling admissions. We accept qualified applicants until our program is full. See How to Apply to Exeter Summer for more information.

Tuition information and a detailed list of optional courses and additional expenses can be found at Exeter Summer Tuition.

Yes. Exeter Summer offers financial aid to domestic students. The deadline for applying for financial aid is February 15. See How to Apply to Exeter Summer for more information.

An Exeter Summer application is reviewed only after we receive all three recommendations and a current transcript. Once we have all that material, the application is reviewed by the Admissions Committee and typically students will hear a response via email in 2 to 3 weeks. 

Yes. Students are required to attend the full five-week session. Students who leave before the official end of Exeter Summer will not receive grades or teachers’ comments.

Programs & Courses

ACCESS EXETER is a cluster-based program for students who have completed grades 7 or 8. Students choose a cluster which is made up of three courses. See the ACCESS EXETER Course Catalog for cluster offerings.


UPPER SCHOOL is for students who have completed grades 9, 10, 11, or 12. Students can design their curriculum by choosing from the over 100 courses in the UPPER SCHOOL Course Catalog. UPPER SCHOOL also offers some cluster-based programs as an option for students.

Classes at Exeter Summer are scheduled on Monday through Saturday. See the Daily Schedule Sample in our catalogs: ACCESS EXETER Course Catalog   UPPER SCHOOL Course Catalog

Students can indicate on their application if they are interested in enrolling in the SSAT or SAT prep course or students can email summer@exeter.edu to request that SSAT or SAT be added to their schedule. The SSAT and SAT prep course is a supplementary course that requires an additional fee. Refer to SAT/SSAT Prep for more information.

Exeter Summer has academic, athletic, and music extracurricular offerings. Some are free and some are for an additional fee. See the course catalogs for more information: ACCESS EXETER Course Catalog   UPPER SCHOOL Course Catalog

UPPER SCHOOL day students may choose one, two, or three courses. They may also enroll in the SAT prep course (for an added fee) in addition to their other course(s).

ACCESS EXETER day students will choose a cluster comprised of three courses. They may also enroll in the SSAT prep course (for an added fee) in addition to their cluster courses.

Physical education is optional for day students.

International Students

No. All students who apply to Exeter Summer must have a high level of English proficiency in order to successfully participate in our seminar-style courses.

No, TOEFL scores do not need to be submitted. All courses require student participation in class discussions. UPPER SCHOOL students must have a high level of English proficiency and ACCESS EXETER students must be fully fluent in English.

Based on the U.S. State Department Rules and Regulations, the appropriate status for travel to the Exeter Summer program is “Visitor” not “Student.”

Accepted Students

Congratulations! The acceptance letter that you received contains information on how to accept the offer and make payments. Refer to Exeter Summer Enrolled Student Information for links to the Student Handbook, transportation information, and more.

Students who are arriving by plane should fly into Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) or Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (MHT). Exeter Summer offers free bus service on arrival and departure day only from Boston Logan International Airport (BOS). Those flying into Manchester-Boston Regional Airport (MHT) would need to provide their own transportation to Exeter. See Exeter Summer Transportation for more information.

Friends or relatives will not be housed together. Students will have ample time to visit with friends and/or family members during meals and free time. Exeter Summer firmly believes that making new friends and getting along with all types of people are essential parts of the boarding school experience.

Yes. Some courses require that students bring laptops; review course requirements in UPPER SCHOOL Course Catalog or ACCESS EXETER Course Catalog.

Billing, Payments and Spending Money

Exeter Summer tuition balances are due by May 15.

We recommend students have $300-$400 to cover books and other expenses. Students should have a mix of currency options including, funds on the Academy’s Lion Card, access to a debit or credit card, a small amount of cash with access to an automated teller machine (ATM) card to obtain cash, and a VISA Travel Money card.

After you have accepted the Exeter Summer offer through the Online Enrollment System (OES) and paid your non-refundable deposit, future tuition payments will be made through TouchNet© or Flywire© for International wire transfers. Tuition account balances and statements are available through TouchNet© after payments have been received.

Student Life

Some are large brick buildings accommodating 30 to 60 students each, and others are smaller wood-framed houses for 10 to 20 students each.

Dorm rooms are furnished with beds, mattresses, dressers, desks, desk chairs, desk lamps, closets or wardrobes, and wastebaskets. See Dress Code and Recommended Packing List and the Student Handbook for more information.

Exeter Summer has partnered with E&R Laundry and Dry Cleaners (E&R) to offer our boarding students weekly per­sonal laundry services. Information on this paid service will be sent to students from E&R. Students can also choose to do their own laundry. Each dorm has a card-operated washer and dryer. Review the Student Handbook for more details.

Students do not have scheduled classes on Wednesday afternoons, Saturday afternoons and Sundays. Exeter Summer's Student Activities Office schedules many fun events both on and off campus during these times. See Exeter Summer Student Life for more information. Students with the proper parental permissisons on file and with approval from the Exeter Summer office can leave campus during the allowed free times. See the Student Handbook for more information on the Out-Of-Town process.