Student Activities

With more than 1,000 students as your peers, you’re likely to find dozens of friends who share your interests. Our student-led clubs focus on everything from art to zoology, with more popping up each year based on current interests. The Student Activities Office is constantly on the lookout for activities that engage and enlighten.


Student clubs and organizations

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There's a Club for That

Emmy learned to love spikeball, without even playing it.

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Latin Music Fest

Grupo Fantasia gets the audience moving. Read about it in The Exonian, Exeter’s award-winning student newspaper.

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The Right Choice for Me

“I’m very glad I chose Exeter … It’s given me the opportunities to do the things I want and participate in the activities that I love.” – Taylor

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Words of Wisdom

Advice from proctors for new students
“From fire dancing to Latin competitions, Exeter’s clubs have it all.”
The Exonian