Climate Action Day 2016

Each year, students and employees spend a day learning about climate change issues and engaging in green initiatives. 

Mike Catano
May 10, 2016
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Students and employees plant new vegetation on campus.

On April 27, Climate Action Day provided students with opportunities to learn about sustainable practices and the environment. Sustainability Coordinator Jason BreMiller, on behalf of The Climate Action Day Planning Committee, described the day’s goals in an email to students: ”We hope that each of the workshops strengthens your connection to the planet and prompts you to reflect on the big questions involving your occupancy of it: What is your part in inhabiting the earth responsibly? How can we reduce Exeter’s collective impact on the planet?”

With classes replaced by hands-on workshops, all students got in on the action. Workshops included designing, digging, and planting a rain garden; an audit of Grill trash and recycling; an instructional tour of the Academy Woods guided by the Academy’s forester; an energy audit of a house dorm with a professional energy auditor; learning about the sustainable construction and green building features of the new Field House and Center for Theater and Dance; sand dune restoration; and invasive species removal.


Students also had the chance to learn about the implications of the Flint water supply contamination from Siddhartha Roy, a Ph.D. candidate at Virginia Tech and a student leader of the team that helped bring the story to light through water sampling, and to discuss the impact of food on our climate with Evan Mallett, chef/owner of the local restaurant Black Trumpet.


As part of the day’s activities, a Sustainability Fair at the Agora was hosted by faculty, staff and student environmental club heads, who also led a variety of workshops. Participating student clubs included UpCycling, Exeter Wildlife and Conservation Club, and Beach Clean-up Club.

Local and national organizations including Post Landfill Action Network (PLAN), Waste Management, ReVision Energy, The Southeast Land Trust, and SOAK up the Rain (managed by the NH Dept. of Environmental Services) partnered with PEA to bring their expertise and field experience to the Sustainability Fair.