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Molly M. Simmons

Dorm Duty
Molly Simmons


B.A. University of Wisconsin - Madison

M.S. University of New Hampshire


I come from a family of teachers, of books and writing. Raised at South Kent School and educated at the Taft School, both in Connecticut, I spent my childhood on boarding school campuses where life and learning, home and school blended into one experience. After high school, I chose to leave New England for a gap year teaching in South Africa and Botswana and then to study at the University of Wisconsin, where I embraced all the vibrancy of a Big Ten town. From there I moved to California, where I taught English at the Ojai Valley School and learned the value of experiential education. I went on to earn my teaching credential through High Tech High, shifting my teaching to urban, public charter schools. At High Tech High and Impact Academy, I used project-based learning and portfolio defense to create authentic, accessible and engaging classrooms. For the past five years I have been teaching English at Exeter, using Harkness as a way to expand and enhance my teaching craft.

My husband, Jason BreMiller, and I are dorm faculty and advisers in Peabody Hall where we live with our young children, Rosie and Alden. I love being able to welcome my advisees into our apartment and share the coziness of my home while they are away from their own.

In joining the Admissions Office, I look forward to speaking with families about why Exeter might be a good fit and to sharing how I’ve come to think of our community as my home.  The diversity of my experiences with students and schools allows me to connect with families for whom this admissions process is both very familiar and brand new.