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Exonian Ben Cai
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"I really want to commit to Exeter's model of goodness and knowledge — specifically the idea of service."

Ben '20

Alexa Liautaud
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Exeter People

"There are authentic stories waiting to be uncovered and inspire positive change."

Alexa Liautaud '12

Exeter student in the Design Lab shows off paper she has made.

This paper doesn't grow on trees

Watch how students in a Green Umbrella Learning Lab class gave old newspapers new life.

Kate Ford Laird on an adventure with her children
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Exeter People

"We’ve spent much of our time where you really can’t see any traces of human civilization."

Kate Ford Laird '86

Exeter students greet a speaker at MLK Day 2020.

Sights and sounds from MLK Day

Exeter celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. and his messages of social justice and progress.

Lauri Winter talks to a student in Grill.

Officer Friendly

Campus Safety Officer Lauri Winter has found the perfect balance between work and family at Exeter. 

Knowledge and goodness
Exeter People

“That's one of the most noble goals ... embracing this one-of-a-kind education and using it to help others.”

Exeter People

“It came from asking myself, ‘What can I give to my peers?’”

Exeter People

“It brings me closure and peace knowing that I'm doing something to play even a small part in a much larger battle.”