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Why Exeter Summer?

To learn differently this summer is one reason. Exeter Summer offers a wide variety of courses all taught using Harkness. Harkness is about sharing ideas and taking charge of your learning. It’s small group collaboration and respect, where every voice is expected and heard. 

Beyond this, why should you come to Exeter Summer?

Collaborate with other students on subjects you’re passionate about.
Live in a dorm with new friends from around the world.
Experience our beautiful, expansive campus and state of the art facilities.
Enjoy dozens of optional trips, clubs and activities.
Build a foundation for lifelong learning and have an awful lot of fun doing it!

Find out more about Exeter Summer, our campus, academic and athletic offerings and student life. Then decide if this summer is your summer at Exeter.

Summer Athletics

Balance academics with fitness

Go to the page titled Summer Athletics

Performing Arts

Theater and music are a vital part of Exeter Summer life

Go to the page titled Performing Arts

SAT and SSAT Prep

Students can add SAT or SSAT Preparation Course to their schedules

Go to the page titled SAT and SSAT Prep

Student Life

Student life at Exeter Summer extends from the Harkness table to the dining hall and the playing fields

Go to the page titled Student Life


For students currently in grades
9 through 12

Go to the page titled UPPER SCHOOL


For students currently in grades
7 or 8

Go to the page titled ACCESS EXETER

Exeter Summer

20 Main Street, Exeter, NH 03833

603-777-3488 / summer@exeter.edu